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Programming Windows Azure : Table Operations - Using Partitioning
Partitioning has a few key implications. Picking the right partitioning is critical, or you could wind up with too much data on one node (bad), or related data on different nodes (really bad)
Programming Windows Azure : Table Operations - Querying Data
In what is probably the most famous sequence in Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Pan Books), a pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent race of beings want to know “the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything.”
Programming Windows Azure : Table Operations - Creating Entities
Creating entities is similar to the process for creating tables. You can create an entity by POSTing to the URL for the table. For example, the following code shows the HTTP request-response traffic for creating a simple contact. Note that the properties of the entity are encoded using Atom
Programming Windows Azure : Table Operations - Creating Tables
As you have learned, Azure’s Table service stores your data in one or more tables. Each table is a logically distinct domain. You cannot create queries that span tables. Currently, there is no limit on the number of tables you can create.
iPad Development : Document Management (part 2)
All this time, we've had a button in the lower-right corner of our toolbar just for the purpose of sending our drawing as a PDF in an e-mail message. That's still a nice piece of functionality, but we can do more with that space—namely, replace it with a button that launches a small menu in another popover.
iPad Development : Document Management (part 1)
The changes we made in the previous section gave us the basics for saving and loading a single file, but we'll need more than that! The iOS doesn't have anything like the Finder, so the only access our users will have to the drawings they make is what we provide for them in our app
iPad Development : The Split View Concept
Up to this point, Dudel has been a fun toy, but it has at least one quite severe limitation: Apart from sending your drawing as e-mail, you have no way of saving what you've drawn.
jQuery 1.3 : Developing plugins - Adding new shortcut methods
The jQuery library must maintain a delicate balance between convenience and complexity. Each method that is added to the library can help developers to write certain pieces of code more quickly, but also adds to the overall size of the code base and can reduce performance.
jQuery 1.3 : Developing plugins - DOM traversal methods
In some cases, we may want a plugin method to change which DOM elements are referenced by the jQuery object. For example, suppose we wanted to add a DOM traversal method that found the grandparents of the matched elements
Using Cloud Services : Exploring Online Planning and Task Management
Now let’s pivot from schedules to tasks. Planning and task applications let you manage everything from simple to-do lists to complex group tasks, all over the Internet and collaboratively with other users.
Using Cloud Services : Exploring Online Scheduling Applications
As anyone in a large office knows, scheduling a meeting can be a frustrating experience. Not only do you have to clear time from all the attendees’ individual schedules, you also have to make sure that the right-sized meeting room is available at the designated time.
Using Cloud Services : Exploring Online Calendar Applications
Most computer users today have embraced keeping their schedules on their PCs. Not that the old-fashioned wall-hanging calendar is dead, it’s just that it’s a whole lot easier to track appointments and events electronically; the computer does all the busywork for you.
SOA with .NET and Windows Azure : Service Contracts with WCF (part 3)
Any given operation can encounter an unexpected error at any time. Errors can be either logic or infrastructure-related. In .NET, errors are trapped in the try-catch block and handled based on the error type
SOA with .NET and Windows Azure : Service Contracts with WCF (part 2)
A binding is used to configure wire-level invocation details for a service. Service consumers are required to communicate with a service by complying to the binding requirements specified in the service endpoint.
SOA with .NET and Windows Azure : Service Contracts with WCF (part 1)
Within WCF, the term “service contract” refers to the technical interface exposed by a WCF service and corresponds to the ServiceContract attribute explained shortly. A service contract is comprised of an interface contract and a service endpoint.
Cloud Security and Privacy : Data Security and Storage
With regard to data-in-transit, the primary risk is in not using a vetted encryption algorithm. Although this is obvious to information security professionals, it is not common for others to understand this requirement when using a public cloud, regardless of whether it is IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS.
iPad SDK : Working with Documents - Desktop Synchronization
Another new piece of document-related functionality on the iPad is the ability to synchronize your app's files with the desktop
Required Project Images for iPad Apps
For an iPhone app compiled for iOS 3.1.3 or an earlier version, you were required to include a 57-by-57-pixel app icon and a default launch image sized for portrait orientation in your Xcode project .
iPhone SDK : GameKit Voice Chat
GameKit’s In-Game Voice service lets applications create a walkie-talkie-style voice channel connecting two devices together. You can use this service with iPhones, taking advantage of their built-in speaker and microphone, or with second generation or later iPod touch units by adding an external microphone.
iPhone SDK : Creating Basic GameKit Services (part 2) : Sending and Receiving Data
The data handler (in this case, self) must implement the receiveData:fromPeer:inSession:context: method. The data sent to this method uses an NSData object; there are no hooks or handles for partial data receipt and processing.
iPhone SDK : Creating Basic GameKit Services (part 1)
GameKit provides peer-to-peer connectivity between iPhone and iPod touch devices. New to the 3.0 SDK, this framework helps you create interconnected applications that exchange live data in real time.
iPad : Navigating with Maps
The simplest thing you can probably do with Maps is to find a location
Adding iPad to the Mix
Now we're ready to upgrade NavApp for the iPad. Before kicking off this process, make a backup copy of your project directory. This can be useful in case you want to compare your original app with the iPad-ready version that Xcode sets up.
A Brief History of Legacy .NET Distributed Technologies : .NET Remoting
Remoting was introduced primarily to address limitations in COM and DCOM. As with DCOM, it provided a distributed computing mechanism that allowed clients to instantiate components on remote computers.
A Brief History of Legacy .NET Distributed Technologies : .NET Enterprise Services
COM helped encapsulate object-oriented systems into binary components. It supported encapsulation by preventing leakage of implementation details, and logic encapsulated in COM components could only be accessed if it had been exposed via a public interface. DCOM extended COM to enable communication across different computers
iPad SDK : Outputting to an External Screen
The UIScreen class has been a part of iOS since the beginning. Its mainScreen class method gives you the screen of the device you're running on, which you can query for geometry information such as its bounds or frame.
iPad SDK : Displaying Multiple Videos
Let's start by looking at how to display multiple videos on the screen using MPMoviePlayerController. If you haven't used this class in previous iPhone projects, you may not aware that it's not what you think of as a typical view controller in Cocoa Touch
Parallel Programming Drivers
Microsoft has invested heavily in .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 to allow all developers to safely and easily embrace parallel programming concepts within applications.
Parallel Programming with Microsoft .Net : Parallel Loops - An Example
Here’s an example of when to use a parallel loop. Fabrikam Shipping extends credit to its commercial accounts. It uses customer credit trends to identify accounts that might pose a credit risk.
Parallel Programming with Microsoft .Net : Parallel Loops - The Basics
The .NET Framework includes both parallel For and parallel ForEach loops and is also implemented in the Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) query language. Use the Parallel.For method to iterate over a range of integer indices and the Parallel
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